[How to] Access Andorid files from PC or MAC – Wireless

Android is now top leading mobile OS in world and I like it better than iOS because, android is more user friendly than iOS. I love the way android allow us to access all our file which isn’t possible in iOS without jailbreaking devices. I was looking for app which allow me to access my android files wirelessly from my PC and got many but none of them working as smoothly as it suppose to be and I needed. So, I went on hunt to find best of them. I came up with one application which is perfect as I needed and wanted to share with other.

WiFi File Explorer

Go to Market place in android device and search for WiFi file explorer. You will see black folder with orange wifi icon in it. That’s application you need. There are 2 version, Free and paid. I am using PRO in this post. Download it which ever you like. Refer to image with red box, if you are not sure.

Next step is go to link provided in image. it is most like(As in my demo) refer in image.

Type that in your browser’s address bar & hit enter. You are good to go. Here are list of features for app for PRO version.

- You can upload any files (Pretty fast)

- Delete file in bunch.

- Run in background so don’t need to worry about keeping it open.

- Select multiple files to ZIP.

- Upload as ZIP and open up.

Screenshot of Browser: How it will looks when you will open that link.

screenshot of browser for wifi file explorer

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